Zaf International Company is a dynamic young firm established to serve international oil and gas engineering and contracting companies, helping them to develop their business in Kuwait and to serve Kuwait's oil and gas industry.

Zaf's excellent links to the country's oil and gas sector offer international companies wishing to develop their business in Kuwait a major advantage, especially during a period when Kuwait's oil and gas companies plan to develop new oil and gas resources in the country, while modernizing, modifying and expanding the existing resources and the oil and gas industry generally.

With over 77 years of combined expertise in the energy sector in areas as diverse as engineering, project management and implementation, and maintenance contracting, Zaf's management has the experience, knowledge and skill to help in developing any project, large or small

Our objective is to serve and assist international companies in the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors to develop their business interests in Kuwait through resolving challenges, whilst also developing these sectors through the latest engineering solutions and technology.